I am an Architect living and practicing in Auckland, New Zealand. Phanta Rhei is my blog about architecture, urban design, the enviroment and geometry. Iam interested in mathematics and computing and its relationship to art and architecture.
The term Panta Rhei comes from ancient Greek and means "everything flows” and it refers to an idea by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitis of Ephesus. Heraclitus believed that everything in the universe was in a state of change. A quote that is often attributed to him is “You cannot ever step into the same river twice”.
I see architecture as our conscious part of this constant change. Through architecture we change the world in Architecture is one of the many ways we change our environment by creating buildings and cities.
We often see architecture as static. However, buildings are always changing, materials slowly gain a patina, corrode, decay and wear way. The light, wind and rain that’s falls on our buildings, changes in endless cycles. The people and activities within are always moving.
I see geometry as an unavoidable part of architecture. Even the simplest building involves creating geometry. I am fascinated by mathematics and geometry is my favourite part of mathematics. 


contact: info@pantarhei.co.nz